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Farm Stays in Tamilnadu


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Banyan Tree Farm Stay – Tamilnadu

Banyan Tree Farm Stay Explore the deep dense hinterland of South India at a farm-stay that keeps you as close to nature as possible. Think about small group inclusive holiday and ‘The Banyan Tree’ holds the promise of ‘Off-the-beaten-track’ experience.

Whatever your Passion… exploring the yonder on a, trekking in the woods, sitting on top of a tree-house to track wildlife, frolicking at the stream, sinking in the luxury of a waterfall, driving in an army-release jeep through deep jungle tracks or simply sitting on the poach of your luxury cottage while you take in the aura of nature around you…

“The Banyan Tree’ is a picture perfect farm-stay to be at.”


Access to Medical Facilities & Emergencies

A doctor-on-call will be available and can be requested by guests should there be an emergency. The nearest medical institution is at Pollachi which is 30 minutes away from the farm and multi-specialty hospitals can be accessed at Coimbatore, an hour and a half from ‘The Banyan Tree’.

Cocktail & Beverages

Cocktails and Beverages will be served on request. However guests need to inform the host well in advance of their preference, so that it is made available to them.

Food at the Banyan Tree

The host at ‘The Banyan Tree’ is an expert cook himself, well exposed to food preferences of International guests. A full-service kitchen with expert Continental, Chinese and Indian cooks churn out a hearty spread of that best suits the guest. If the preference is for Indian Food, guests will be honored with authentic and traditional Indian favorites – both Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian. While spices is an integral part of the Indian Cuisine, extra care is taken to understand palates of the guests to cook up a perfect meal that is authentic, tasty and appealing.

Mr. V M Prabhu, No. 312, GV Residency,

Sowripalayam, Coimbatore 641 028.

Tamilnadu, India.

Phone : +91-422-2573329

Handphone : +91 98423 75524

Heli Tourism in India



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Heli Tourism in Kerala

 JOY JETS – Click Here

Helitourism which is currently operating actively in and around Cochin, Kerala will be extending its functional domain with attractive packages which will offer you the most unforgettable experience of life. We have conceptualized an all India Helicopter tourism project which will connect all major metro cities, pilgrimage centers, heritage spots and tourist centers of India. Moreover we are also planning a complete Heli tour package of 6-7 days along the length and breadth of Kerala. Heli Tours India has gone a big leap by launching helicopter tourism as a thrilling endeavor in India which includes flower showering, heli ride, air shows, ariel adventurous sports, honeymoon trips etc. HelitoursIndia has come up with a fresh idea of helicopter tourism which will help to nourish the service sector in India a lot.

Heli Services

 The outlook of travelling and tourism is changing day by day. HelitourismIndia is in front of you with a golden opportunity to fly with your dreams and touch the sky in style. Our Helicopter tours will be covering all major heritage sites of Kerala in record speed. An Ariel view of the upcoming metro city of Cochin, bluish beaches, greenish hills and valleys, waterfalls, backwaters etc of God’s Own Country, Kerala, will be an enchanting lifetime experience for all of you. Heli-tourism India has designed special packages to Sabarimala that can be operated from Cochin. This will be a great relief to aged pilgrims and physically disabled citizens so that they can easily reach to the top the temple and have ease darshan.

Helicopter for rent and chartered flights:

   We also have provision to lend the helicopter for rent from Kerala. The time and purpose of the air flight has to be specified and according to the norms we will provide you a completely equipped Helicopter and pilot for rent to any place in India.

Packages to Pilgrimage sites:

  Our Helicopter operated tour can provide you a complete pilgrim package with an air flight to all divine shrines and will be economically viable and convenient. We will be equipped with accommodation facilities and food service for the pilgrims.

Heli flights and Meetings for Corporate:

  A helicopter trip can be arranged for Business clients of a firm for business meets and deals with them etc. Can also be utilized to design a tour package for the directorial board of a firm as a leisure trip.

Honeymoon flights:

  Newly married couples will expect and plan their honeymoon trips in an entirely different and modern way. Our Heli-tour venture will be the best news for them in this guise since it provides the most sophisticated, adventurous and romantic way of enjoying your honeymoon.

Air Ambulance:

  We can provide assistance to hospitals as Air ambulance. We can act well in situations of natural disasters, massive accidents, fire extinguishing etc.


The outlook of travelling and tourism is changing day by day. HelitourismIndia is in front of you with a golden opportunity to fly with your dreams and touch the sky in style. Our Helicopter tours started operating from 27th September at Cochin and will be covering all major heritage sites of Kerala in record speed. An Ariel view of the upcoming metro city of Cochin, bluish beaches, greenish hills and valleys, waterfalls, backwaters etc of God’s Own Country, Kerala, will be an enchanting lifetime experience for all of you. Heli-tourism India has designed special packages to Sabarimala that can be operated from Cochin. This will be a great relief to aged pilgrims and physically disabled citizens so that they can easily reach to the top the temple and have ease darshan.

Can you think about an air flight across Cochin, the business city of Kerala? Don’t misunderstand this happening to be in distant future or developed India 2020. Just give a call and you are going to fly within days. If your answer is impossible, just wait a minute and hold your breath for an astonishing heli-tour. Yes, an amazing air flight across the heart of Cochin connecting all its major landmarks – an unforgettable experience for your lifetime. Don’t waste time and be the pioneer to fly over the city.

And reach back to the starting point. This air flight seems to be a fascinating fairy tale will be completing this circuit in just 15 minutes. Have you ever dreamed about a 15 minute travel across the hectic traffic of Cochin City? We will make your dream come true.

You might be little surprised with the title of Blue-Green panorama. God has designed Kerala as a magnificent symphony of Bluish Beaches and Greenish serene hills and valleys. Have you ever seen all these in single eyesight? That’s the surprise we are going to offer you. We will be taking you for a helicopter flight to show you the Ariel view of all these at a glance. Starting from the historical landmark of Cochin, Thrippunithara, the air flight will be a voyage through the greenish hills and valleys of Kottayam, Backwater beauty of Alapuzha, and then to the bluish seashore beaches of Kerala. Come and join our hands to be the first for a refreshing Heli-trip.

 Thus back to the starting point, we will be completing the loop within half an hour. 20 minutes of air flight will be unrolling the unseen beauty of Kerala in your eyes as a film reel is projected on screen. Aren’t you excited to have such a memorable experience in life? We are here all equipped for taking you to a fantabulous air drive. Then come, feel, enjoy. Move with an eagerness in your heart and the sparks of dreams in your eyes, then you are living a life.

Heli Tour Locations


Air Tours India,
103 Ansal River Dale, Vennala, Kochi, India,
Ph: +91 85 90 90 33 00, +91 85 90 90 44 00
Email: info@helitoursindia.com,

Home Stays in India

Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability.While homestays can occur in any destination worldwide, some countries do more to encourage homestay than others as a means of developing their tourism industry. Hosting a homestay participant also allows the local family to earn some additional, needed income. Having low profitability, as it is, homestay cannot be regarded as strictly commercial activity, but more of cross cultural exchange. Students generally arrange a homestay with their school or educational institution, but can also informally arrange to stay with a family through social connections, and through a variety of private agencies. There are a number of online homestay agencies that connect students with hosts all over the world (usually for a nominal fee).
Homestay scenarios can range from a completely immersive family experience, to a very basic room rental.
In the immersive family experience a homestay student lives, eats, and shares the majority of their time in the host country with the hosts and their family. Family events such as dining out, amusement parks, camping, travel, etc. usually involve the host student who may or may not be expected to pay a portion for the participation (tickets, parking, gas, travel expenses, etc..). The student is invited to participate in Holiday festivities (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) and family events (weddings, birthdays, etc.)
At the other end of the spectrum, students may simply be renting a room within a private home with minimal supervision from a host or family.
Additionally, there are working homestay agreements where a student is expected to perform duties such as yard work, farm work, babysitting, maid services – usually in exchange for accommodation fees or as part of.


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S.T.Bhavan Home Stay – Kovalam


Each apartment have one double bed room with attached bath room, one dining hall with dining table, one kitchen with cooking gas and stove, large refrigerator,24 hours hot and cold water and satellite television, balcony and many more.


S.T Bhavan Home stay is nearby samudra beach and middle of Taj Green Cove Resort Kovalam. The apartment has balcony with sea view. This is kerala tourism Org diamond certified home stay. It is apartment type home stay.

Contact Person:  Mr. Sukesan P.

Class: Diamond House

24 Hr Room Service: Yes

Food: No

Laundry: Yes

Credit Card Accepted: No

Address               :

S.T.Bhavan, Vellar,

Kovalam P.O.

Near Taj Gren Cave Hotel, Vallappara Road, Vellar)

Thiruvananthapuram    695 527

Phone: +91 471 2480857

Mobile:  +91 98472 62857

Email: stbhavan@rediffmail.com

Website: www.stbhavan.com

Farm Stays in Kerala

A farm stay (or farmstay) is any type of accommodation on a working farm. Some farm stays may be interactive. Some are family-focused, offering children opportunities to feed animals collect eggs and learn how a farm functions. Others don’t allow children and instead offer a peaceful retreat for adults. For the accommodations, guests normally pay rates similar to area bed & breakfasts or vacation rentals, although pricing varies considerably. The term “farm stay” can also describe a work exchange agreement, where the guest works a set number of hours per week in exchange for free or affordable accommodation.

Possible farm stay accommodations include

•   Cabins
•   Cottages
•   Converted barns/outbuildings
•   Farmhouse guest rooms
•   Platform tents
•   Tent camping
•   Yurts

Farm stays can be described as agritourism (a farmer opening his/her farm to tourists for any reason, including farm stands and u-pick), ecotourism (Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people), and geotourism (tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents).

The plantation-rich state’s initiative in launching the spice route project that will trace the two millennium old path traveled by the explorers in search of spices, is expected to bring tourists out in droves with obvious beneficiary being the farm tourism that is fast growing in popularity.Thanks to Brand Kerala, the farm tourism in the country is in for a windfall.

Leveraging on its hugely successful and much acclaimed tourism campaign, Kerala has been able to win the support of Unesco for the project, which will definitely see the involvement of the neighboring southern states, now big spice growing areas. The state has inked an MoU with Unesco and has set up an advisory board comprising heritage experts and government officials.

Next step is a global conclave that will see the representatives of Unesco, UNWTO and 31 countries which traded in the historic route, stretching from Europe, North Africa, Middle East, India, Sri Lanka to South East Asia finalise the blueprint that is known as the inscription, for the route. The conclave initially planned for early this year will now be held after the elections.

“It will take Kerala tourism to the next orbit after its fantastic run of success,” said Kerala Tourism Secretary Suman Billa, who has been instrumental in getting Unesco backing. This has come at a time when the tourism centred on tea, coffee and other plantations is looking up, often supplementing the income from the commodities. The Kerala government’s decision to allow 5% of the plantation land for tourism purposes, has triggered an interest in this field from the plantations groups.

Organic farming major POABS group that recently obtained rain forest alliance certification for its tea plantations in Vandiperiyar, it took over from sick Travancore Tea Company six years ago, is looking keenly at plantation tourism. “We have two bungalows in Nelliyampathy where our organic farming is done. Here there are six bungalows which we will open for visitors soon,” says executive director Bhasi Iype.

Far away in the coffee belt of Wayanad, Aswathi Plantations with 400 acres of coffee crop is witnessing a jump in the tourist arrivals from Europe in its 7-room homestay and two tree houses. “There has been over 20% increase in arrivals in January and February and we are getting repeat requests,” points out Victor Dey, wholetime director of the plantations, who admits that the earnings from tourism has helped boost its income at a time when coffee prices are falling.

More and more foreign visitors prefer not-so-well-known locations that will offer them an ambience of solitude with a local touch. Woodbriar group with 23,000 acres of tea plantations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala has seen a 50 to 60% growth in its tourism activities from its nine bungalows. “We went for aggressive marketing of lesser known locations of Valparai and Meghmalai plantations to foreigners which paid good dividends,” says Tharani Tharan, head of hospitality division of the company.

He feels the spice route tourism will open up more opportunities in the plantation tourism field. “Other southern states like Tamil Nadu has been piggybacking on the success of Kerala tourism.” He expects plantation tourism to help promote its new tea brands. Meanwhile, Kanan Devan Hills Plantations (KDHP), now operating with majority shareholding by its 12,000 employees, is waiting for the court verdict as it is embroiled in a litigation with state government over use of its nine bungalows for tourism purpose.

Inspired by Subash Palekar, a group of zero budget farming enthusiasts here is setting up an integrated farm at Perambra. Named ‘Palekarpuram’, the 16-acre-plot comprising 12 separate farming projects will also be a tourist destination. Towards the south of the state, an organic vegetable farm of Kanjikuzhi Panchayat in Cherthala is evolving as a tourist centre.

But such initiatives to twin tourism with agriculture are not getting the support of the government, farmers feel. The state with close to 3 lakh hectares of land under paddy cultivation is hugely dependent on agriculture, but the government is yet to come out with significant measures to tap the agri-tourism potential, apart from Green Farms, an initiative of Kerala Tourism.

According to Basheer Kalathingal, who has a farm in Palekarpuram, lack of support from the government is the main obstacle faced by the farmers. “This is because Agri-tourism is hardly on government’s agenda,” he said. Sufi healer Hamsa Madikai, on a mission to set up herbal groves across the state, feels that medicinal gardens can be a major source of income for agri-tourism in Malabar.


1. Greenex Farms – Wayanad 7.  
2.  Thomaschettan’s Farmstay –
3.                                                                            9.  
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Greenex Farms – Wayanad

Located 2600 ft above sea level in God’s Own Country (Kerala) in Wyanad district, Chundale on the Nilgiri Hills in South India – you’ll find our farm. Follow the butterfly (our logo) it will quietly guide you through winding mud roads to this mystic resort we call GREENEX

We are far from complete but the place was so exotic we decided we had to start allowing people to share this location immediately.

This Farm stay is set amidst a coffee plantation, it is a getaway place where one can be as close as possible to nature and have a unique experience. The theme is rustic living! You won’t find much concrete here. An ideal place where a stressed executive would like to come and unwind.

  • A honeymooner’s paradise. A writers dream.
  • For the family a cozy place to get together.
  • A very mystic place. Nature just takes over and rejuvenates your soul.
  • An experience! Is the only way to describe this place.
  • For companies an ideal spot for offsite meetings, training, and conference

Avira   Restaurant for breakfast and lunch

Set on top with a view which will surely de-stress you, enjoy our hospitality and relish the food we serve. Take your time. Sure even God must have taken a lot of time creating this place. RELAX !

“Flames”    For Dinner with Camp Fire          


Tea shop set by the pond: Out .here one is served tea or coffee with hot bhajias and banana fritters.

Take a dip, not a dive

Eartha Badminton Court

If, and only if, you know to swim we will permit you to swim in the pond. The water is fresh and flowing. This is an ideal spot during the afternoons. Relax by the pond.

Badminton court set beside an amphitheater made out of earth. You could exercise mind or body.


Where ideas are hatched. A conference room set in nature which could be used for offsite meeting and training.


Tree House

A tree house for the adventurous!

Built on a cluster of trees with a view to calm. Here we combined adventure and luxury. Imagine living in Nature and having a luxurious Bathroom with a shower cubicle and skylight. Experience! It is the only way to describe it.

Sun flower

‘Sunflower’ this is what we call this cottage. Here we get the best sunset view. A Ideals for honeymooners

Mari Gold

This is an old farmers home modified. An ideal place where you can come with the entire family or even two families. It has two bedrooms which are bath attached and a dining room.


“Tulip a cottage set atop the highest point with a beautiful view, it has a day room and a bedroom with a balcony attached, ideal if you would like your kids to be with you as there is space for putting extra beds in the day room.”

The Green House

A new concept – a bunker to accommodate 12 people. Ideal for those who come in groups. There are bathrooms attached to the bunker. A nice way for those who wish to have a very basic and clean environment.


Experience round dwelling in an eco-friendly hut made out of all natural elements and glass ……even the power is solar. The washroom is set in nature open to sky with the luxury of a shower cubicle and toilet set within the natural surroundings – All totally private.

Tariff and More Details Please Visit: – http://www.greenexfarms.com/


Greenex Farms (India) P. Ltd.,
Chundale Estate Road
Chundale, Wayanad District
Kerala 673 123, South India

Mobile: +91 9645091512

              +91 9846131560

Phone: +91 4936 206795
Web : http://www.greenexfarms.com

Email: contact@greenexfarms.com