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Atithi Devo Bhava (GUST IS GOD)

The guests are all personifications of God’…lines from the Upanishads compiled between the late pre-Christian era. It has come to symbolise the Indian culture to the world. The Chinese and the Greek who visited India during prehistory has made a magnificent note of Indian hospitality.
Nature Nest

Our Organization Consists of CEO & Marketing Head Surjith M.B. He wanted to promote tourism and meet the industry’s demands to the common tourists visiting Kerala. Unlike all other Travel, agents Nature Nest wanted to show places neglected by other travel agents. The packages itself shows that the in-depth knowledge of the Kerala state and its beauty is packed up for you. Normal tourists visiting Kerala wants to meet people, mingle with them, see the most beautiful places and enjoy Kerala. Big Travel industry does never have a footing on these places are under the control of government. So they cannot get land there to built big Hotels. However, many people lived there, and Nature Nest convinced them that foreign nationals love to get the luxury of Big Hotels in remote but beautiful places. Thus, Nature Nest was formed with a mutual beneficial policy to entertain the Tourists maximum, where the real beauty of Kerala is hidden. Our e-mail id – mail@naturenest.com

Mr. Surjith M.B

Is our CEO & Marketing Head with a vision to improve the quality of Nature Nests Service. He checks out remotest parts of Kerala to find exceptional landscapes to make tour packages. Marketing & Customer care and financial planning are his primary duties at Nature Nest. Vision to improve the quality of Nature Nests Services. He select travel operators in your service. He makes it 100% sure that the gusts are happy while you are with Nature Nest.