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It’s the time to have a wonderful experience in Kerala. House boats and their breezy surroundings are always considered as the nicest events in world. In our fleet you can find flourishing ideas of a marvelous trip and its funny experiences. Blowing wind and flowing water is an amazing combination and that’s the essence of houseboats. Backwater trips may be the loveliest voyages that you ever feel, hence its our pleasure to treat you with all the wonders of this greenery.

Guardian houseboats are playing the prior role in coordinating backwater trips. Tom John Malayil is our team head and we are growing into the peak of fame. Our templates are agreed by our clientele and it’s the working strategy for us. Our ways are along the rippling waves of Alappuzha backwaters and its scenic beauty. Trips are of all kind and varities, food night stay, sight seeing and all that you need is in our hands.

Guardian Tours & Travels

Houseboat Division
1053/Vll, Malayil House, Thathampally P.O.,
Alappuzha, Kerala,India.
Mail : info@guardianhouseboat.com
Tel :+91 477 2260741, 3291241 Mob :+91 9847436662

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